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We always begin with strategy before we go all out creative. And we try to keep it small, selective, and only take on projects we truly believe in. This kind of mindset enables us to be a hands-on and passionate advocate for each of our writers. The goal is our author’s books make as big an impact as possible and to build careers overtime. We’ve worked in marketing and digital publishing before coming to this industry which gives us extra insight on how to position our clients in an evolving landscape.

We look for projects that we know we’re going to want to be in the trenches, fighting for them, in the years to come. We consistently show this principle in how we work with clients—whether it’s reading multiple drafts, batting ideas around, or shepherding our authors through all aspects of the publication process. We like to be onboard especially in the early, developmental stages. We’re always excited to watch something become the book we all know it should be.