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We pride ourselves in being good readers. From experience, readers love to find new, unpredictable stories. We particularly enjoy the feeling, the unease, the excitement that creeps in when we honestly don’t know what’ll happen next. When we finish a book, the lasting feeling of wonderment is what we’re after. As long as the plot surprises and entertains, any type of reader will be won over.

If you’re excited to share your work with us, we’ll be excited to read it. When you know you’ve chosen a beautiful language, strong voice, and great story. If it’s contemporary fiction that isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues. Or an adorable middle-grade adventure story but also taken by one that might deal with the loss of a sibling, or a serious issue at school or with a friend. Narrative nonfiction, cultural studies, campus novels, beach reads, etc. that speak to the current cultural climate. We want them all. Readers are always interested in learning and love when someone can teach them something organically so it doesn’t feel like they’re even learning. As publishers, It’s satisfying and invigorating to be part of the creative process. We do best working with authors who see us as a partner in the book publishing process.

What We Do

Editorial Services

Editorial Services

We do a lot of editorial work for clients from the ground level of a project. Our job is not to edit a manuscript so that it conforms to our idea of perfection. It is to edit a work so that readers, rights buyers, film producers, other editors and publishers reading it will be able to envision the book as the writer intends it.

Specialized Publishing

Specialized Publishing

As the author or creator, the right time to share your work is when you feel confident that it’ll speak for itself—without you having to be in the room. If you’re going to want to be over our shoulder saying, “Well, this part will be fixed…” or “I intend to make this part a little clearer…” you aren’t ready to share the work, which is completely fine.

Online Presence

A great story should wake you up by taking you out of your life and immersing you in someone else’s. Deeply imagined worlds, writers who are not afraid to take risks with their work. Projects that we feel can make a difference to us personally or to the world. Unusual premises, books that offer some new perspectives on something we thought we already knew.

marketing collaterals

Marketing Collaterals

We have a deep appreciation for storytelling that allows us to see the world anew, or introduces us to a culture or worldview outside our own. You’re dealing with a company with the resources of a large, world-class business but with a great deal of personal attention. We value fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We’re a selective publishing company.

book reviews

Book Reviews

Trust is important. And potential readers and buyers will most likely take action only after reading a review. A review from trusted institutions, such as BlueInk and Clarion, puts your work on the literary map. And numbers don’t lie. Surveys confirm that for nearly 9 in 10 customers, an online review is equally important as a personal recommendation.

Events and Publicity

Events and Publicity

Having the chance to interact with book people is gold. It paves the way for opportunities that you’ll never be able to find inside the comforts of your own home. We’ll shine the spotlight on you in renowned industry gatherings including BookExpo America, London Book Fair, Paris Book Fair, and LA Times Festival of Books.

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Our Clients Testimonials

“I got the opportunity to check out Book Reads Publishing’s work while writing the Foreword for the book The Marriage Mantra, which was published by them. I was quite impressed with the quality of books they produce.”
The Marriage Mantra
“I was ready to have my manuscript rejected after submission. Your staff was so convincing that I submitted it. After it was accepted for publication, the contacts with Book Reads Publishing were very positive. The staff was very professional and responsive.”
Joan Oxendine
“This was a fantastic experience. I only had Book Reads Publishing design my cover but after the wonderful experience and satisfaction that I had with their work I will use them for more services on my next book. I was very undecided during the book cover selection process but Book Reads Publishing made a lot of changes beyond what they needed to.”
The Laidback Lifestyle